Sunday, November 15, 2009

(#17) Mad World

This is very 2007 of me, but I've fallen in love with Mad Men this week. I've watched the whole first season since Monday and man-oh-man is it great. I really don't want to write a whole long post about it since it'll just be stuff people have been saying for two years, but at the same time I NEED everyone to know how fabulous it is!

I mean, Jon Hamm/Don Draper, come on! At the point in every episode where he inevitably cheats on his wife, I always wonder what the big deal about him is and why everyone loves him so much even though he's so awful and then this happens:

and I'm like "Oh yeah. Never mind." This man is handsome. Liz Lemon was right; he looks like a cartoon pilot. Sigh.

Also, I want Joan Holloway's body. Not like in the lovin' way, more like the I-want-a-perfect-hourglass-figure-so-darn-badly way. This is Christina Hendricks (who plays her) at the Emmys this year, looking gorgeous.

Also, Peggy and Harry are my favorites.

I feel like I should talk about the show and how well-written and -acted it is (and also how I should catch up two seasons) and not just about how cute the characters are but I kind of feel sick and not like writing a lot although I do have two more things:

Today at church Dale was saying that if you're a Christian, no matter where you are in life, you have the opportunity to help someone out. Like, God put you where you are for a reason, whether you're at work or home or school, etc. You always have the opportunity to talk to someone or show them kindness. Well, right after that I went to lunch with a friend I hadn't seen in a while and right after we sat down she started asking me about church and how it was and I was able to talk to her about all the different things that go on there and what we believe and she's going to be visiting with me next-next Sunday! It's awesome how things work out that way.

Lastly, here are pictures of me as a mod/go-go dancer (and my boyfriend as a mildly amused David Bowie):

Getting mod-ified.

The color (not to mention my face) is somewhat wonky in the last one, but it was super-dark so I had to brighten it up the best I could. None of these turned out too well, but it was fun.


  1. I'm beginning to feel I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't watch Mad Men.

    But you look absolutely adorable! xo.

  2. Hello hello :) You know how much I love Mad I won't even begin to discuss it haha. And I think kindness comes less from religion and more from morality. You can be a good (or bad) person no matter what religion you practice (or don't practice). I love your costumes!

  3. Thanks Michelle! And you shoooould. :)

    That's very true. I didn't mean to imply that only Christians can be kind to or help other people; I just think that a lot of times we get caught up in thinking that we're automatically "good people" and don't ever act on it.
    And thank you so much!

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. And if you love Mad Men now, wait until you get to season 3. It's the best season!