Saturday, November 28, 2009

(#19) Saturday Night's Alright (For Blogging)

I am watching the football game. The football game is boring. Here's a lovely picture I took at the one I went to a while ago...

You know, that picture is exactly how I feel about the game in general: there's a bunch of little people running around, everything's kind of blurry to me because I have no idea what they're doing, and there are a million people in the stands. That's about it. That said, though, we're totally going to win.

So the other day my dad gave me two books to read (but to be returned in "perfect condition"):

Um, yes! I love The Beatles so much (I'm pretty sure every English-speaking person has to, but whatever). My favorite era of theirs was the clean-cut media darling phase - they were just so bright and witty in interviews and whatnot. I mean, I love their music from any year (Let It Be is not my fave, but we'll ignore that), but I love looking at pictures from the early(-ish) days.

I would have been one of these girls:

I think the White album is my favorite.

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