Monday, September 21, 2009

(#6) (A Few of) My Favorite Things

Upon a few reviews of other folks' (very superior) blogs, I've decided that mine needs more pictures.
We've got another list on our hands, people.

Here are some things that I love:

Summertime. Most Floridians I know are not fans of this season. Not me, baby.

Uh, duh.


This crazy painting of The Band in Civil War-era clothes I found while searching for actual photos of them. I kind of want this in my house.


Stephen King's books. Well, most of them. Especially when he's not being super weird or gross. I need this bookshelf and its contents. Seriously, if you haven't read The Stand, I recommend doing so as soon as possible. I love that book so much that I'll probably do a separate post on it one day.

Puppies. Is it lame that sometimes I just type that into the Bing image search and let the cuteness roll in?

Danville, IL.

Great white sharks, and more specifically, awesome pictures of them leaping out of the water. Wait, can something without legs leap? Probably not. Dang.

Oh, kitsch of any kind. How you make my heart smile.

Good night.

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